Stand Up Pouch Mitre Seal Sacks

When standard bottom gussetted bags are filled, the extra weight bearing down inside at the bottom of the bag pulls on the inside of the side seal and can result in holes appearing where the triangle shaped fold meet the side weld.  This can result in product leakage and disposal of the whole bag if the contents become contaminated. See image below with red text.

When we manufacture these bottom bussetted bags, we apply an additional 45 degree seal where the gusset panel meets the side weld.  (See image below with blue text) This helps to reinforce the seals and prevent leakage and in some cases allows for a decrease in material thickness to reduce the cost.

These pouches are made with a single bottom gusset and side welds.  If you prefer a side gussetted bag with a single or double bottom weld, please see our mitre seal product page here.

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Temporary Protective Packaging Item