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In addition to our range of high-quality plastic products we can supply paper sacks. Check out our range below, or call our team to discuss your enquiry in more detail.
In some cases paper products are more favourable over polythene due to how they are used and disposed of but sometimes it is not possible to get a paper sack to perform exactly the same way as a polythene sack might. It all depends on the application, product type and weight being packed. Paper sacks tend to be glued or stitched whereas polythene sacks are hermetically sealed. To get a paper sack to perform better with moisture or liquids the paper has to be laminated or an additional layer of PE needs adding, making it a multiple component product which is more difficult to recycle. It is vital when considering use of a product that you consider how it will be disposed of at the end of its life. A multi layer PE coated or PE liner Paper sack will likely be thrown in a skip or bin and end up in landfill whereas a single layer poythene sack, even if contaminated can still be re-processed and recycled. As part of the PE recycling process, scrap/waste is shredded and washed before then being regranulated at very high temperatures.

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