An established manufacturer of Specialist Flexible Packaging

At Polycover, we manufacture a wide selection of commonly used materials on our automatic machines, including box liners, sacks, pallet covers, base or top sheets, compactor sacks, polythene mailing envelopes and wicketted bags.

We can handle requests to manufacture a range of unusual shaped and extremely large items, which are produced in our hand fabrication section.

We manufacture elasticated covers and long term packaging products such as stitched tarpaulin type with zips, velcro, eyelet and bungee fastenings in our sewing room facility.

We specialise in heavy-duty stand-up pouch liners, k-seal bags, mitre seal bags, very large covers, gusseted bags, square-ended or shaped bags, and die cut profiles.


Sustainable packaging materials

We care about our environment and have spent countless hours developing our product line with that in mind. Our entire temporary protective packaging range is fully recyclable.

Our in-house processing systems ensure that all paper, cardboard and production scrap of PE/PP materials are collected, segregated, baled and sent for recycling & re-processing, contributing towards achieving a circular economy on PE/PP materials.

We welcome bespoke orders

Our handmade options include unusually shaped items and die cut products such as carry handles with glue strip fastenings, spout liners, elasticated openings, bungee fastenings or rope fixtures which can be reinforced with nickel or polycarbonate eyelets. We also supply polythene on the roll, any width opening up to 12 metres wide in any thickness up to 500 microns.
Below you can find links to dimension and volume calculators for our various products. Download the excel files from the links to use.

BRC Global Standard certified

We are BRC Global Standards certified which ensures our food grade products are made from food safe materials, and manufactured in a risk-free environment to ensure they are fully compliant for use in food or medical processes. We do also supply products for domestic or industrial applications.

We are a trusted and highly certified packaging manufacturer with the ability to manufacture custom made products for very special applications. Contact us today and let us help solve your packaging problems!

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