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VCI (Volatile Corrosive Inhibitor) polythene is perfect for protecting metal components in transit. Our range of VCI polythene products are tailor made for customers storing goods in the UK or exporting to different climates.

When sending you a quotation for your requirements we will provide you with PDF documents to help you understand how to get the best out of your VCI packaging. If you prefer, we can also customise the packaging and print your brand name identity to the packaging component, enhancing your corporate image when delivering your high value products.

When VCI masterbatch is incorporated into a polymer film, the finished product offers fantastic corrosion protection by releasing vapours which form a thin protective layer on the surface of metal to be protected. This protective layer remains until the package is opened and then evaporates leaving a clean metal surface.

At Polycover, we use VCI concentrate, which arrives with us in pellet form. This is blended with LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE or HDPE to create a wide range of PE films, which is suitable for use on metal components and other items, including food products.

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What are the benefits of VCI packaging?

  • Provides effective corrosion protection for a wide range of metal types including Ferrous, Zinc coated, Copper and its alloys, Aluminium and its alloys, Magnesium etc.
  • Its basic composition ensures very good flow when used in LLDPE mixtures producing a good surface finish.
  • High temperature stable – up to 300°C. A non-fuming masterbatch during extrusion.
  • Its hydrophobic abilities ensure no fish-eyes during production.
  • Offers better sealing and printing capabilities.
  • Clean and very easy to use.

Health and safety

  • Nitrite and amine free. It contains no heavy metals.
  • Direct food contact approval allows the masterbatch to be produced on the same machines as food packaging films.
  • When incorporated into food-contact grade PE, the final film is direct food contact approved.
  • Non-toxic, environmentally friendly and recyclable.

General Guidelines for use

  • Customers are advised to conduct field trials to ensure that the correct product has been chosen for their application.
  • Ensure parts are clean and dry and at room temperature when packed. Hot parts will cool and promote condensation.
  • Do not pack in damp or draughty conditions.
  • Ensure no additional packaging materials are included in the pack which can harbour moisture, especially if they can come into direct contact with the metal. If they have to be there, envelope them in plain PE or similar barrier material.
  • Avoid handling metal with bare hands; human perspiration is very corrosive.
  • If there is a fear of moisture build inside the pack, such as containerised, intercontinental transport, desiccants should be added.
  • VCI film packs do not need to be hermetically sealed, although its better if they are. You can also allow enough additional length on the film bag to overlap at the top & tape or fold down.
  • Sharp materials inside the pack could potentially pierce the VCI film. If they exist and are unavoidable, envelop them in a protective material. Our VCI foam sheets are excellent for this.
  • Unfinished packs must not remain open for more than an hour or so whilst further parts are prepared.
  • Re-wrap any part used rolls or bags in between packing shifts.

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