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All of our temporary protective packaging products are 100% recyclable and in a lot of cases already contain recycled content. The materials we use are widely recycled and can even be included in kerbside collection bins. If there are any products that you already purchase that you need assistance with sourcing or you are looking for advise on a suitable product to suit your packaging needs, please get in touch and we will be happy to help!
At Polycover, we manufacture a large range of fully recyclable polythene and polypropylene packaging materials, ideal for providing temporary protection for your packing requirements. Over the last 30 years we have had plenty of practice with listening to customers and tailoring a solution to meet their specific needs but now we need to be more pro-active by asking our customers to check that users downstream are using the packaging products in the correct way and encourage recycling. We also need to make making sure their packaging products are more recyclable and discourage use of bio-degradable additives.

We manufacture compostable bags where the material has been made from potato starch. This material is designed to be destined for landfill or composting facilities at the end of its life, it should not be sent for recycling as it will contaminate the PE waste stream. We often receive enquiries for normal poly bags but with bio-degradable additives included. This is not a waste friendly option because bio materials also should not end up in PE waste streams and do not degrade to a mulch.

Our team are always happy to help customers, to ensure they can find the right product for their application. We have supplied packaging to many types of customers, and look forward to helping you too.

We can supply:

  • Bags & sheets
  • Covers
  • Fully recyclable packaging
  • Recycled materials available
  • Flexographic or CMYK print
And much more besides. In addition to our ready to go solutions, we have the capacity to create bespoke items, so if you require an unusually shaped or sized product, Polycover can help.

100% recyclable materials

We are living in a world where recyclability and environmental impact are important factors, especially when it comes to packaging. Rest assured knowing that we put the environment at the heart of what we do. Our entire temporary protective packaging range is fully recyclable, which can save tons of materials from going to landfill.

If you want to confirm the recyclability status of any of our products, please feel free to get in touch.

Here’s a list of our Temporary Protective Packaging items

Stand Up Pouch Mitre Seal Sacks
Stand Up Pouch Mitre Seal Sacks are made to contain larger amounts of product yet still stand due to their shaped base.
Elasticated Pallet Caps
Elasticated Polythene Pallet Caps available from stock, available to order in our shop, or made to order in custom sizes.
Pallet stretch bands
Pallet stretch bands are also designed to be used with polythene pallet covers and polythene sheets where it is not possible to use heat shrink covers. These can also be used to stabilise pallets of stacked boxes, to prevent them from falling off or tipping when moving the pallets around.
Elasticated covers
Elasticated PE covers are very easy to use, can be recycled at the end of the product lifecycle and provide exceptional temporary protection for many applications.
Breathable covers
Breathable covers can be elasticated and are machine washable making it an ideal product for re-use in your production environment, or simply to cover objects from dust yet still allowing the item beneath to breathe.
Foil sacks
We stock a superb 25kg foil sack with de-gassing valve, perfect for packaging products sensitive to light, air or moisture.
Paper sacks
Paper sacks are available with multiple layers for strength and barrier properties, including laminated or polythene lined options to aid with trapping moisture or preventing moisture ingress.
Bags and sheets
We specialise in bags and sheets made to your own specification. Many different configurations can be manufactured to best fit your requirements.
VCI bags
VCI (Volatile Corrosive Inhibitor) polythene bags provide an anti rust solution when packing goods. Bag sizes are customised to suit your own application reducing labour during your packing process.
VCI pallet covers
VCI (Volatile Corrosive Inhibitor) polythene pallet covers provide an anti rust solution when covering large objects. Cover sizes are customised to suit your own application reducing labour during your packing & palletisation process.
VCI polythene
VCI (Volatile Corrosive Inhibitor) polythene provides an anti rust solution when packing goods. Master rolls can be supplied for you to cut and seal at your preferred length.
Heat shrink pallet covers
Heat shrink covers are ideal for keeping your load stable and secure. Shrink hoods close in on the pallet when heat is applied. The technique is used in various shrink applications including heat gun, shrink tunnel and infra-red. We can supply a wide range of pallet cover sizes, in many formats.
Large machine covers
We can make very large machines covers made from polythene to temporary protect large items.
UV stable pallet covers
Polythene covers with a UVI additive help prevent the covers breaking down in sunlight. Vary levels of dosage help calculate the activation times based on destination (Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Middle East)
Poly covers
Polythene covers are a perfect solution for temporary protecting an object from water or dirt or UV rays.
Tote liners
Tote liners and ‘dolav’ liners are available in any size, custom made to suit your own requirements.
Skip liners
Skip liners are either made to order or are on sale in our shop. These are very large polythene bags/liners that can be placed inside the skip before use, eliminating the need to clean after use.
Pallet top sheets
Pallet top sheets are used to protect the pallet contents from water and dust.
Pallet base sheets
Pallet base sheets are used to prevent water splashing up from the ground to the underneath of your goods when stacked on pallets, a more sensible option to cardboard sheeting. When used with a heat shrink cover the two will fuse together to fully encapsulate the pallet load.
Flame retardant polythene
Flame retardant polythene will not ignite in the event of a fire, reducing the risk of combustion.

Wicketted bags

Wicketed bags are designed to be used in a fast packing environment or to easily dispense from a pack of bags hung from a wall or shelf. The wire wickets which pass through the pile of bags hold the pack together, and rubber grommets stop the bags from sliding off the wickets.

Euro slot bags
A Euro slot allows a bag to be hung on a display stand when filled.
Compostable bags
Compostable bags made from potato starch can be made to suit your own preference on size and thickness.
Grip seal bags
Grip seal bags are also known as gripper bags, grippa bags or minigrip bags and are a popular type of reusable self-sealing bag. Grip seal bags have a simple plastic ridge that clicks together to close, or pulls open for continual re-use.
Heavy duty vest style carrier
Heavy duty vest style carriers are good for transporting small-medium heavier point of sale items. The handles also can be used to tie the bags closed.
Polythene bags
Polythene bags are a perfect solution for temporary protection and the bags are 100% recyclable and can be made from 100% recycled material.
Polythene mailer envelopes
Polythene mailer envelopes are easily recycled and can be made in different formats, colours and sizes. They can be customised with print or even scented to promote your products!
Anti slip bags and Embossed sacks
Both anti-slip and embossed bags are commonly used to prevent slipping when stacked.
Food-grade polythene bags
We are certified to the BRC Global Standard (the first GFSI recognised standard) with AA grade, to manufacture bags suitable for direct food contact.

Want to know more about our temporary protective packaging? Speak to Blackpool’s experts in packaging solutions, Polycover.

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