Durable elasticated covers for use indoors or outdoors

We are able to manufacture many different shapes and sizes of covers, with or without elasticated options, made from a variety of fabrics and materials. We often find customers approach us with a drawing or photo of an object and ask us to come up with a cover solution for them, taking into consideration and extra request they make for access panels, velcro straps, clearview sections or mesh panels for air circulation. Weve had many stange but wonderful projects to work on, including playground equipment covers, sports stadium lighting mast covers, sneeze screens for pubs, sieve covers for food processing factories, garden planter covers and under bed storage box covers.

As an example, If you wanted a circular drum cover we would offer a hard UV protective tarpaulin top with a softer fabric side for easy manipulation when fitting and then clear PVC inset panels for observing filling levels. We can also offer a range of different bungee thicknesses, eyelets sizes, elastic tapes from 8mm up to 150mm and other plastic fittings like tension straps, clip closures or drop latch fixtures to secure covers to outbuildings. We can make many a suggestion if you provide us with enough information to help us visualise how to fabricate the covering of your choice.

Covers are easy to clean depending on their makeup and we can suggest cleaning methods at time of supply.

Our range of elasticated covers include the following:

  • PE (polythene) in various thicknesses or colours
  • PP breathable materials (Machine washable)
  • PU or PE coated Nylon and Polyester
  • PVC in clear transparent materials (like pram covers)
  • PVC tarpaulin in opaque colours.
  • PVC Tarpaulin in high visibility colours.
  • Camouflage patterns
  • Insulative materials
  • Other materials available on request.

Our range includes:

Breathable Cover

Breathable covers

Elasticated Covers

Elasticated covers

PVC Cover

PVC covers

Pallet Stretch Band

Pallet stretch bands

Elasticated Pallet Cap

Elasticated Pallet Caps


Mitre Seal and K Seal


High risk environments like food or medical

The PVC/Tarp and fabric materials used to make heavy duty covers are not manufactured by our suppliers as food grade and it is not possible to obtain certification from them for food contact purposes. We therefore cannot supply these type of liners as “food grade” under our BRC certification. Where there is a risk that the coverings manufactured by us are likely to come into direct contact with food or medical devices, we would offer a replaceable PE layer which is BRC certified to act as a barrier when the covers are in use. A typical example is like with the blue sieve covers we made below. We supply a blue PE bag to the same customer who replaces the PE bag when they take the tarp cover off during periodic cleaning routines.

Want to know more about our elasticated covers? Contact our team in Blackpool today to place an order, or to enquire about our range.

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