Durable long-term packaging solutions for domestic or commercial applications

We are the company you can trust to supply exceptional long-term packaging solutions. What sets our range apart from the rest, is the quality of product and material range on offer to cover a multitude of applications. If you are not sure on the type of long-term packaging you need, please get in touch with us to talk through your requirements and we will help you to understand which options will work best for you.
Whether you store your goods indoors or outdoors a good strong dependable cover can help protect your product in the harshest of environments and prevent damage caused by the elements. We provide a wide range of off-the-shelf and bespoke industrial covers, ideal for a range of uses across a broad spectrum of industries.

Whether you are a larger client, a small business or a domestic user, Polycover will provide a tailored solution at a competitive price. We have over 30 years’ experience and offer international deliveries of tailor-made products. For example, we’ve made an outdoor TV and bench cover which got sent to Hong Kong and 6 pallets of elasticated covers which got sent to the USA.

A selection of high-quality materials tailored to suit your specific requirements.

We have designed our products to last. Our tarpaulin type covers are made from high-quality reinforced PVC, and we make use of non-woven geotextiles and PE/PU coated polyester/nylon materials for lighter weight covers. By selecting the correct type of fabric for the intended application, we can ensure that any product we supply is built to last, and can provide a longer-lasting cost saving solution for your business.

Here’s a list of our Long-Term Protective Packaging items

PVC covers
PVC Tarpaulin covers made in many different styles. You provide your problem, we will offer a tailor made solution.
Bulk bag types
There are many different styles of bulk bags available, so here we show you the different styles available.
Foil-lined bulk bags
We manufacture a 1mtr cube bulk bag with foil liner and skirt top. These are perfect for packing bulk loads of products which are sensitive to light, air or moisture. Other sizes available on request.
Conical base bags
The conical bag is a four panel design that is shaped at the base at varying angles depending on the product going into the bag. It is designed to assist with the discharge process, providing a tunnel like base.
Vented bags
Traditionally, these vented bulk bags are used for storing logs over the summer period, ready to sell as fire logs come winter time. They can be used for any large product which needs to be dried or ventilated.
Baffle bags
Baffle bulk bags offer additional rigidity when transported, providing additional support to prevent the bags from sagging.
Food-grade bags and pharmaceutical
Our Food Grade bulk bags or Food Grade FIBC are manufactured in a ‘clean room’ environment to the highest standards. The fabric is made from virgin polymer and meet all food requirements.
Anti-static bulk bags
Anti static bulk bags with different types of anti static rating (A, B or C type) to perform at different levels of protection, tailored to your requirements and application.
Builders’ bags
Bulk Bags, Tote Bags, Big Bags, and Builders’ Bags are all names commonly used for Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC). FIBCs are commonly filled with large, heavy items.
Woven sacks
These sacks offer superior strength to store and transport heavy items which might split other types of sacks.

Need a temporary solution?

In addition to our long-lasting range, we can also supply a number of products for short-term and temporary packaging needs. We use high-grade, fully recyclable materials in our temporary protective packaging, allowing you to benefit from short-term protection, with reduced impact on the environment and at a cheaper price.

Is it time to invest in long-term packaging? For sales, support and more, speak to Polycover today.

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