Polythene bags

Poly Bags are manufactured in many different formats and depending on your application we may be able to offer you some alternatives to what you currently use.  It could be that depending on how you use them you need a certain style or type but here at Polycover we have the expertise to know from what you tell us, if an alternative product will perform better.

There a wide range of additives and processing aids to help improve the performance of the product, also there are additional processes we can implement to change or improve the appearance of the product, or help make the product perform better.

Additional configurations such as air perfs, tear perfs, funnels, spouts, glue strips, embossing, security seal, heat shrink, high clarity and drawstring, are options which can be discussed.  There are that many we cannot list them all, so please get in touch where we can discuss your poly bag requirements in more detail.

Printed Options

We are able to supply any of our products with surface printing.  When we manufacture polythene bags, it is possible to brand them with your name and/or company logos.  Not only does this promote your business during transportation but also when your customer sees the delivery, the goods look great.  We can even label the boxes or reels with your name and logos so that when your customer comes to re-order, they know where to come and they’re not hunting around for the name of who they bought from last.

There’s many ways in which we can help brand your poly bags so why not give us a call and we’ll be glad to quote you for what you want.

Temporary Protective Packaging Item