Elasticated covers

Elasticated polythene covers can be used like drum covers to protect the tops of bins, open boxes, dolavs and other various shaped containers. The elasticated polythene cover helps prevent the risk of contamination when used in food production environments but can also be used to prevent water damage on steel drums which are stored outside. The fitting and removal of these covers is very easy, the elasticated edge helps the cover to cling to the top of the container which makes then re-usable.

Available in a variety of thicknesses, colours or sizes, these elasticated polythene covers can be manufactured to suit most requirements. Can be manufactured as circular, rectangular and square sheets or shaped like a box.

We can add a range of additives:

  • VCI for anti-rusting, used as masking covers for car parts or spray painting
  • Anti-static prevents static shock and reduces the risk of ignition/explosion
  • Anti-fog
  • Anti-slip or anti-block
  • UVI to prevent the material breaking down or becoming brittle in sunlight
  • Scented finishes for odour control

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Temporary Protective Packaging Item