Bulk bag types

Flexible Intermediary Bulk Containers (FIBC) are mainly used for powder, granular materials, wood and fabrics. They offer a convenient and efficient method for the storage and transportation of your product, without the need for wooden pallet. Available in many different formats to improve filling, load stability and discharge, our bulk polypropylene bags are available with different stitch types, seam colour, either plain or printed and in quantities to suit your budget.

Our FIBC bulk bags are able to hold up to 2000kg of material and can be designed to suit single use or to withstand re-use multiple times. Depending on your application we can offer a solution that fits your requirements exactly and if you are in need of assistance, we can provide a FIBC product assessment or product design service too.

We offer 5 main styles of bag:

  • Cross corner loop. these are designed to allow a FLT to drive through the loops, enabling one person handling.
  • Standard side loop. They are the most commonly used style. This style is used on a ‘H’ frame and suitable for FLT lift.
  • Tunnel lift style bags are commonly used in the building trade (but not exclusively). They allow the FLT forks to slide through the loops for one person handling.
  • Single Point lift or helicopter bags have longer lifting loops to reduce the strain on the seams. Often used to get gravel to mountain paths and in steel works with cranes.
  • Fertiliser bags. Also known as a single point, base, they are mainly used on farms to enable easy spreading, and on docks for loading onto ships. Some docks will only use this style of bag.

Bulk Bags Types
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