Bags and sheets

Polycover supply polypropylene materials.  A typical example is bread bags, with the very small micro perfs (p360) which is essential for allowing the bread to breathe when fresh out of the oven.  Polyprop bags and sheets are very useful for presentation purposes as the material has extremely high clarity, better than most polythene blends.  Polyprop is used for protecting gift cards, wrapping fruit and veg and, is now available with anti-fog additives to help keep freshly cooked food looking fresh for longer.

If you would like advice or help with sourcing polyprop bags or polyprop sheets, give us a call and if it’s a product we can supply we’ll give you a competitive price.  If it’s not something we can supply then we’ll speak to some of the other manufacturers we know to cut out the middle man and help you save time and money.

Temporary Protective Packaging Item