Anti slip bags and Embossed sacks

Both anti-slip and embossed bags are commonly used to prevent slipping when stacked.

Embossed bags/sacks are bags with very small indentations on the surface of the bag, this embossing creates a small amount of friction/grip to help create a non-slippery surface, allowing more bags to be stacked without the load becoming unstable. Embossed bags/sacks have two panels of embossed strips down each side of the bag.

A better alternative to embossing the surface of the material is bags with an anti-slip additive within the mix of the PE blend.  This additive helps to reduce the slip on the surface of the bag without any embossing, allowing for a more consistent finish on the bag.  Anti-slip additives produce a grain-like texture and will be slightly visible in the bag, it is also fully food contact compliant.

Temporary Protective Packaging Item