Heat shrink pallet covers

Heat shrink covers are ideal for keeping your load stable and secure. Shrink hoods close in on the pallet when heat is applied. The technique is used in various shrink applications including heat gun, shrink tunnel and infra-red. We can supply a wide range of pallet cover sizes, in many formats.

The types of pallet covers available include:

  • Film Only – Where a machine chops and seals on a production line
  • Single Form – Folded and packed into boxes (Small manageable sizes or pallet sized boxes)
  • Perforated On Reel (POR) – For easy dispensing and tear off as required.
  • Large Specials – For sizes too big to manufacture on automatic machines
  • Square or Rectangular shaped – For those applications that must look good or prevent product entrapment
  • Bulk Bag Covers – Pallet covers to go over bulk bags

If you require stretch hooding material which doesn’t require heat then please get in touch and quote Stretch Hood in your enquiry.
If you require Pallet Top Covers then please see our Polythene Top Sheets.
If you would like to receive a competitive quote for a product you already buy elsewhere or even a quotation for a new product but you don’t know what size you want, please contact us and we will be glad to help.  We can give you useful advice on various grades available and will have all the answers ready for you!

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